By Sebastián Chacana Feb 28. 2017

Darkglass keeps traveling the world to show you our newest creations. London is an important city for music. Talented performers and amazing bands are all part of the UK’s capital city’s legacy and the London Bass Guitar Show it’s all about celebrating it and the world of bass: three stages, music workshops and the possibility...

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By Sebastián Chacana Feb 23. 2017

Darkglass enters the Alpha·Omega Era. Doug Castro and Jon Stockman let you into the crafting process of Darkglass brand new marvel. It all started with a fortunate coincidence in the streets of London. Doug got together with Jon Stockman from Karnivool and a great idea was conceived: Co-creating a pedal for the Darkglass family. “More...

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By Sebastián Chacana Feb 10. 2017

Doug Castro analyzes Darkglass presence in music tech’s most important event. “Every NAMM show is better than the previous one in every sense” From January 19-22, music innovation pioneers were all in one place: Anaheim Convention Center in California was the home of this year’s NAMM show, and Darkglass was present to unveil some new...

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By Sebastián Chacana Dec 13. 2016

“Microtubes 900 has the most flexible and musical-sounding overdrive capability of any solid-state head” Bass Player Magazine has been the bible for bass enthusiasts since its foundation in 1988, with a mix of interviews, lessons and gear reviews. Now, this renowned publication has given our new Microtubes 900 a try… and they wrote an amazing...

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By Sebastián Chacana Oct 24. 2016

This instrumental rocker was one of the few musicians to try out our new Class-D amplifier: The Microtubes 900. Clay Gober, the energetic bass player from Polyphia has already made our new amp part of his live rig: “Now, I like to keep the live rig pretty simple… I run my Microtubes 900 through an...

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