By Sebastián Chacana Mar 28. 2017

Paul Turner gets funky with Jamiroquai March 28 marks a brand new chapter for Jamiroquai. Their new tour starts with a sold-out gig in Paris, and their new album –Automaton, their first in seven years– is released just a few days later. Since 2005, Paul Turner has been an active part of this band, and...

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By Sebastián Chacana Mar 15. 2017

The last few months of Ra Díaz’s life had been frantic. But in a good way. His social media accounts reflect the change, with pictures of countless trips, new cities, friends and shows… lots of shows. In September 2016, he became an official part of Suicidal Tendencies –he had played on tour with them before-...

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By Sebastián Chacana Mar 01. 2017

   Interview | Bootsy Collins This Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee shares stories about music legends and how Darkglass has reshaped his sound. At the end of the sixties, an unknown Cincinnati band called the Peacemakers was hired to play with a funk singer. That singer was no other than the “Godfather of...

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By Sebastián Chacana Feb 28. 2017

Darkglass keeps traveling the world to show you our newest creations. London is an important city for music. Talented performers and amazing bands are all part of the UK’s capital city’s legacy and the London Bass Guitar Show it’s all about celebrating it and the world of bass: three stages, music workshops and the possibility...

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By Sebastián Chacana Feb 23. 2017

Darkglass enters the Alpha·Omega Era. Doug Castro and Jon Stockman let you into the crafting process of Darkglass brand new marvel. It all started with a fortunate coincidence in the streets of London. Doug got together with Jon Stockman from Karnivool and a great idea was conceived: Co-creating a pedal for the Darkglass family. “More...

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