By Sebastián Chacana Jun 18. 2017

A beloved Darkglass creation gets a makeover and is ready for its june 19th release. Every Darkglass creation represents a specific moment in our history as a company, so the challenge is not only to develop new sonic machines but also to keep perfecting them as time goes by. And if we started out with...

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By Sebastián Chacana Jun 16. 2017

This amazing artist unleashed his talent in one of our creations. Digital illustrator Ignacio Bazán’s name might not ring a bell at first. But if you’re a videogame fan, you might have seen his job more than once: Halo Wars 2, Aliens: Colonial Marines and Section 8: Prejudice are just a few of the titles...

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By Sebastián Chacana Jun 14. 2017

The musician shares his journey from classic jazz to rocking the bass. In 2014, Conner Green auditioned to be the bass player of progressive metal band Haken. Nevertheless, being a rocker wasn’t part of the plan: “To be honest, I never expected to be in a band or touring internationally” he says, “traveling to areas...

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By Sebastián Chacana Jun 09. 2017

While producing and creating new music for his label Koolarrow, this bass legend seizes the Trump administration. After the release of Sol Invictus –Faith No More’s first record in 18 years– Billy Gould is trying to slow down. “It’s been a battle to curb my workaholic tendencies” he says about the promotion and touring of...

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By Franco May 08. 2017

“THROUGH DESIGN, I HELP BASS PLAYERS TO FIND THEIR VOICE” Back in 2011, Darkglass was just starting to make waves in the bass gear industry. That year, Franco Azócar met our team while studying Product Design Engineer in Valparaíso, and that encounter marked a change in his career path: “Music has always been an important...

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